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The following is a step-by-step guide to a simple two-phase process we use to move your remodeling project to a successful and enjoyable conclusion. Remember, like fingerprints, no two remodeling projects are alike, so the process is adaptable to meet the particular needs of your home and lifestyle.

This is a process typically reserved for some of our larger projects and additions. Less “involved” improvements or renovations can eliminate several steps in the process often going straight to a final contract cost.

Planning Phase:

Initial contact: During our initial telephone conversation we will gather some basic information from you about the project or improvement that you are planning. Some questions you might answer are;

• What type of project (room addition, kitchen remodel, bath remodel) are you planning?

• What is the age of your home? This will help us determine if there might be structural or access issues.

• Have you begun the design process or are you investigating the possibilities? Either way, we can help.

• Have you considered a budget for the project? It is very helpful to know what you are comfortable investing in your home. This will help during the design phase. We can give basic guidelines for budgets after we have had the initial meeting

We will then set up a convenient time to meet with you at your home. It is important to choose a time when anyone that will be a part of the decision-making process is able to attend the initial meeting. Be sure to schedule at least ninety minutes for this initial meeting to allow ample time for questions and information gathering.

Site Meeting:

At this first meeting we will have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other a bit so you can learn more about Centerline Construction. We will discuss the details of the project and gather as much information as possible about the existing structure and site conditions, your needs for the new project, product preferences, lifestyle, wish list, and project budget. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled at this time to provide the results of the budget study.

Budget Study:

The information gathered during this initial meeting will then be used to complete a detailed budget study and design specifications. This process usually takes approximately one week but can require more time for accurate cost estimating. While we take a great deal of pride in providing realistic and accurate cost estimates, this initial budget is typically established without a final construction plan using rough dimensions and a “concept” of the final project. The budget process involves using a combination of cost estimating software, comparable projects, and material and subcontractor quotes.

This budget study is very useful in determining if the project “fits” with your expectations and will help to control costs during the design phase. Remember, this is typically based on a “concept” of your project without a final construction drawing; it is in no way a contract for the work or “bid”, a project can change radically as it moves through the design phase. If necessary, additional budget studies can be completed at certain points during project design.

If the design specifications and the budget study are agreeable, the next step will be the final design. A simple Design Agreement will explain the process requirements.

Final Design:

During the final design we will involve you in the entire process. Depending on the size and complexity of the project a licensed architect and or engineer may be enlisted at this point. Part of our job is to guide you during this phase and to help control costs to keep you within the established budget but ultimately, you will have full control of the end result of the design. Once the design is completed and accepted we will then move to the construction phase.

Construction Phase:

Construction Contract: Using the construction drawings generated by the final design, we will assemble final accurate costs based on the plans. This will no longer be an estimate; it will be a detailed set of project specifications, allowance figures, a project schedule with start and completion dates, and product selections. The Construction Contract will also include a payout schedule that will outline payments to be made during the construction, and will address Change Orders, and details of our Warranty.


All field personnel and trade contractors on your project are well trained, courteous, and respectful of you and your home. Prior to the start of construction we will discuss details such as start times, access, dumpster placement, sanitation facilities, site protection, kids, and pets. Work will be completed in a continuous flow – you will not have periods where “no one showed up”. The project will be completed at the agreed cost with no “extras” unless you specifically approve additional work and the pre-determined cost for the additional work.

Throughout the Planning and the Construction Phases you will be kept informed and up-to-date on the project progress and schedule.